Which is the Best Application to Root an Android Device?

root appWhen you need root access to your Android device you need to find a reliable root app to use. KingRoot is that application which does the job by just pressing a button. It is a free app by KingRoot Studio and does the job perfectly.

With this root app you can be able to root the latest android devices going as far back as Android 4.2.2 to the newest Android 5.1. You can root any device that is currently running n Android operating system. Be it a tablet or a phone you will get root access to the device. Whether it is a Samsung device, Tecno, Lenovo, HTC or any other brand, KingRoot will work. It has a success rate of 98.2 % which makes it one of the best rooting applications out there. Not many can root almost all phones that download the app and so the KingRoot truly is a king in this aspect.

This application is very easy to use. Just go to the download page and open the APK file. Install it in your Android device and a window will display the message “start root.” Tap on this and the process will start. It will take some minutes before the process is finished and a “rooted” screen will be shown. You will now have root access to your device.

What makes the KingRoot app stand out among all Android root apps? It is free to download. Once downloaded, you do not need internet access to use the application. The rooting process will be done offline. Data loss is also not common when using this app. Your personal files like pictures, contacts, devices, videos and others will not be affected.

Other than the KingRoot app that can be directly used on an Android device, there is a PC version which is more capable. This needs to be downloaded and installed in a PC then used to root an Android device connected to the PC via a USB cable. For this to be successful, you will require internet connection which is necessary for installing the driver in the Android device. Once the driver is installed, enable debugging on the phone and click on “Attempt to Root” in the KingRoot window on the pc. The process will begin and will take a few minutes to be completed.

It is important to note that rooting may result in damaging the functionality of the Android device. Before using KingRoot, make sure you understand the risks involved in rooting and be ready.

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