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android rootIntroduction

Any time the term android root is mentioned, most users think its piracy or another illegal activity. In fact, most users prefer leaving their android devices un-rooted. Why? Because manufacturers warn them that if they keep messing with their phones, they can void their warranty or at worst, harm the device. While this is true, performing an android root the right way comes with many benefits.

Benefits of carrying an android root

Better software/hardware interaction

Android devices come with an OS that limits the performance of the fairly heavily capable hardware. After rooting you device, you can remove this bottleneck and unleash the true power of your phone/tablet. For example, an android root allows you to overclock your CPU using third party apps.

Ability to uninstall pesky software

A rooted android gives the user administrator privileges. This implies that you can uninstall default apps that clutter your phone.

Real backups, not just the contacts

All android devices allow users to backup and restore contacts whenever they execute factory reset. However, if you desire a true back, you have to root your device. You can keep everything the way it was by using third party apps such as Titanium Backup.

Other benefits of performing an android root include:

· No more waiting for carriers and manufacturers updates.

· Ability to install custom ROMs.

· Unlocking new apps.

Step-by-step guide on how to root your android using KingRoot:

1. On your phone’s browser, enter www.kingroot.net and select the Free Download tab.

2. After completing the download, click the drop-down notification bar to install.

3. If it’s your first time to install, select “install blocked”. This will set a reminder as the next steps require it. However, if you have used this app in the past, skip this step.

4. Click Install from the installation screen and once installation is complete, click the “Open” button to launch KingRoot.

5. Now, click “Try it” to access the main interface.

6. Click “get now” tab to start rooting.

7. Once the process is complete, you will be returned to the main screen,

8. To verify if the rooting process was successful, search RootChecker from google play and run the test. The result should be “Your Device is rooted”.


KingRoot app is one of the safest and yet simplest tool for rooting android devices. It’s also free and compatible with all android devices. Root your device now!

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