Treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction In Singapore With Levitra

Treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction In Singapore With LevitraErectile dysfunction Singapore is a growing disorder, which is majorly considered aftermath of rapid stressful lifestyle in the modern era or human civilization. There is no medicinal treatment for stress, at least on the long term basis or permanent basis. But, erectile dysfunction Singapore can be treated with various drugs. Levitra is one of such drugs, and it is quite poplar too. Before knowing how to get free Levitra, you need to know a few details of this drug. The generic name of this drug is vardenafil. This is an oral medicine for men only. It also eases muscles, helping in erection. So, how to get free Levitra sample? Here is a guide for you on using vardenafil.

Levitra Warnings and Precautions

If you are searching for how to get free Viagra, you can consider vardenafil as an alternative medication to Viagra. However, it is notable that FDA has released some warnings against this medicine back in the year of 2007. According to FDA research, using vardenafil can cause sudden hearing loss for men. However, no direct causes and effects were demonstrated by FDA. The conclusion was based on few observations. It is also acknowledged that it is a rare case where consuming Viagra would lead to instant hearing loss. So, one can give a try to how to get free viagra sample.

Side Effects

Side effects of Levitra have been divided in two parts. The first part is normal or common side effects. The second part is severe side effects. The third part is rare side effects. Normal side effects can be noted commonly among different consumers. Sneezing, runny nose and warm feeling are considered as common side-effects. Before knowing how to get Viagra, you also need to know the severe side effects. Severe side effects include pain in soldier, hearing loss, baldness, blurry vision, nausea, dizziness, chest pain and overall physical discomfort.
It is important whether you are consuming the dosage of 20 mg or 40 mg. Based on dosage, intensity or severity of side effects varies. Rare side effects of the 60 mg include chest pain, stomach upset, heartburn, etc.

Interactions of Various Substances

Before you try Levitra for sale, it is important to know interaction of this medicinal drug with various substances, especially foods or beverages and other ongoing medicines. Some of the medicines which common interact with Viagra and cause physical complications are Multaq, Noxafil, Monoket, Viracept, etc. For women and men it is advised not to consume this medicine after excessive consumption of alcohol. It may intensify the side effects, causing more dizzy feeling. This drug should also not be consumed with grapefruit juice, as that enhances risks of side effects of the drug. This is available both in India and Singapore, along with various other countries.


Whether you buy online or from local medicine stores, you need to keep the dosage in mind for safety. Consuming over dosage of this medicine can lead to severe physical complications. You need to make sure that dosage is not high. Generally, for young adults 10 MG of this drug is suggested or recommended. People, over 65 years old, can consume this drug till 5 MG dosage before having sex.

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