study at I Am Gifted!Just like our appearances and backgrounds are different, our approach to learning is also very different and could sometimes be complicated. This is why it is impossible to see an individual who will be perfect in everything. In most cases, individuals are only able to master 1 thing and then have manageable knowledge on many other things and then totally ignorant on some other things. Those who end up striving to become perfect in everything, in most cases, end up having an average or a bit above average knowledge on most things but end up not being able to master any. They are subsequently often referred to as a jack of all trade and master of none.

Based on this, there is nobody that is really a dullard in life or that does not have a special ability that can be trained and developed, with such ability, being adequate enough to help him achieve great goals. We however often find it difficult to appreciate some of these abilities in people. This is because most people only judge individuals based on their ability to pass mathematics, English and other subjects, without really paying attention to who they really are. At I Am Gifted!, we understand the uniqueness in everybody and we also understand that if a child is not like every other child, it does not mean that such a child is useless. We know that behind that strange uniqueness, also lies a great genius. We know that by understanding such a child and allowing the child to learn under the right condition and means, the child could thrive to even surpass a lot of other people that were generally referred to as being intelligent.

There are so many examples throughout history of great leaders who failed so many times, or were regarded as very dull. For instance, Winston Churchill of Great Britain was said to be very dull by his school teacher and he was also said to be slow in speaking. However, with time, he not only went ahead to become a very great orator, but also became one of the best Prime Ministers Britain ever had. Apart from such examples that seems far away, at I Am Gifted!, we have being able to help a lot of kids that have being referred to as dull and having no hope educationally. We help them to discover their abilities and also to learn what it was believed they will never be able to learn.

We are able to achieve this by studying each child and trying to know what their strengths are. We are able to achieve this through trial classes and special classes that are uniquely designed to cater for every kid. Once we know their strengths, we encourage them in those areas, while also helping them to use those strengths to overcome their weaknesses. We also employ computer-aided learning, team work, hands-on learning and parental training and guidance to bring out the best in the child. Every child that have being registered at I Am Gifted! have always improved tremendously, get a great boost in their confidence level and are able to achieve more than what their age mates in other schools are able to achieve.

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