Grow Your Business With Web Based CRM

Customer relationship management is an essential part of business management for any small, medium or large sized business. It combines business processes, people, and technology to build and maintain customer relationships. Web-based CRM is an affordable solution that can help you build successful relationships with your clients and deliver exceptional support to them.

CRM Singapore can connect many different departments within your business, from sales to marketing and customer service and helps to ensure that each department is working toward a common goal. It can provide each department within your business with valuable customer insights and metrics, so that everyone knows the right customers to attract and how to keep existing customers satisfied. This information is easy to extract and analyse and provide great value.

  • CRM Solutions for Sales

A successful web-based CRM solution will help your sales team to work much more productively. With instant access to pipelines, calendars, and sales reports, your salespeople can effectively track new leads from the first contact to close and help them to focus on the most winnable deals.

  • CRM Solutions for Marketing

It can also be an invaluable tool for marketing personnel. It can be used to plan, execute and measure the success of marketing campaigns and help marketing personnel to effectively market through multiple channels with the right message communicated to the right audience.

  • CRM Solutions for Customer Service

With web-based CRM you can track cases and resolve issues effortlessly. Customer support requests can be collected from all channels and assigned to the appropriate teams. By using CRM Singapore for customer service you can make every customer interaction more informative, effective, and profitable. This can not only help your business to prosper but also to allow your client to be happier and more loyal to the brand if you can resolve a major issue or annoyance for them.

  • CRM for Social Media

Integrating your social media activity with your solution can harness the power of communication with your customers and prospects. Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin can be integrated with your CRM, so conversations with your customers and prospects can be managed from within your CRM dashboard, allow all the information you need to be in one place and be accessed by many different teams.

  • Mobile CRM

Web-based solutions in Singapore can provide you with anywhere, anytime mobile access. With mobile CRM your sales team can access customer records, calendars and meeting notes without having to go into the office. This level of flexibility can help to significantly increase productivity and deliver exceptional customer service.

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